Minute 005: Looking for Mister Weltner


HOSTS: Alan J. Sanders and Walt Murray of The Wilder Ride Podcast

“Sure she does,” says Thornhill, “like a bloodhound.”

“Bigelow at 10:30 is your first tomorrow,” says Maggie. “You’re due at the  Skin Glow rehearsal at noon, then lunch with Falcon and his wife.”

“Oh yeah,” says Thornhill. “Where was that?”

“Larry and Arnold’s, one o’clock,” replies Maggie. 

“Oh,” says Thornhill, reading his paper.

“Will you check in later?” asks Maggie.

“Absolutely not,” says Roger.  The cab pulls to a stop. 

“Here, Driver,” says Roger, handing the cabbie a wad of bills. “Take this lady back where she belongs.”

“Right,” says the cabbie.

“That ought to cover it,” says Roger. He turns to Maggie. “And don’t forget: call my mother right away.”

“I won’t,” says Maggie. “Good night, Mr. Thornhill.”

“Good night, sweetie” replies Roger, stepping out of the cab. 

“Oh wait!” says Roger, as the cab pulls away, “You can’t call her – – she’s at Mrs.–”  but the cab has already left. Roger looks at his watch, and steps into the Plaza hotel lobby. 

A string quartet is playing “It’s a Most Unusual Day” as Roger walks past the front desk of the hotel. He makes a right turn and enters the Oak Room and Rendez-Vous bar. 

“Good evening, Mister Thornhill,” says the Oak Room host, dressed in a white dinner jacket. 

“Good evening, Victor,” replies Roger, shaking his hand. “I’m looking for Mister Weltner and two other gentlemen.”

“Yes, sir,” replies Victor, “right this way.”

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant    as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Doreen Lang     as Maggie
  • Jimmy Cross   as Taxi Driver #1
  • Harry Seymour     as Victor
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