HOSTS: Alan J. Sanders and Walt Murray of The Wilder Ride Podcast

Victor leads Thornhill into the Oak Room Bar. Roger spots Mr. Weltner. 

“Herman?” he says to Weltner.

“Hello, Roger,” replies Weltner.

“I’m a little late,” says Roger. 

“Roger Thornhill,  Fanning Nelson, Larry Wade,” says Weltner, introducing the two other men, who stand and shake hands with Thornhill. 

“How do you do?” says Thornhill. 

“We’ve gotten a head start here, Mister Thornhill” says Wade, pointing at their drinks.

“Oh, that won’t last long,” replies Thornhill. 
I was telling Larry and Fanning  that you may be slow in starting, but there’s nobody faster coming down the home stretch,” says Weltner. 

Roger keeps looking at his watch.

“What’s the matter, Roger?” asks Weltner. “You’ve got the fidgets.”

“Well, I just did something pretty stupid,” says Roger. “I told my secretary to call Mother and I realized she won’t be able to reach her where she is.”

“Why not?” asks Weltner.

“Well, she’s playing bridge at the apartment of one of her cronies’,” explains Roger.

“Your secretary?” asks Weltner.

“No, my mother,” replies Thornhill. “It’s one of those brand new apartments: all wet paint, and no telephone yet.”

“Paging George Kaplan. Mister George Kaplan,” says a bellboy.

“Perhaps if I sent her a telegram…” says Roger. He waves at the bellboy. 

“Mr. George Kaplan?” repeats the bellboy. 

“Boy!” shouts Thornhill.

Two men in the hallway notice Thornhill’s wave at the bellboy. 

“Kaplan,” says one to the other. 

“I’ve got to get off a wire, immediately,” says Thornhill to the bellboy. “Could you send it for me if I write it out for you here?”

Well, I’m not permitted to do that, sir,but if you’ll follow me…” explains the bellboy.

“Ah,” says Thornhill. He turns to the other men.  “Will you excuse me?”

“Go right ahead,” says Larry Wade. Thornhill follows the bellboy out of the Oak Room.

Go right through there, sir,” says the bellboy, pointing at the front desk. 

“Thank you,” says Thornhill, tipping the bellboy.

“Thank you, sir,” says the bellboy.

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant        as Roger Thornhill
  • Harry Seymour     as Victor
  • Frank Wilcox     as Herman Weltner
  • Carlton Young   as Fanning Nelson
  • Robert Shayne   as Larry Wade
  • Ralph Reed     as Bellhop
  • Robert Ellenstein     as Licht
  • Adam Williams     as Valerian
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