Minute 009: What Are We Having for Dessert?


HOSTS: Alan J. Sanders and Walt Murray of The Wilder Ride Podcast

The Cadillac pulls up to the front of the Townsend mansion. Licht steps out of the car, followed by Thornhill and Valerian.

Valerian rings the doorbell. Anna, the housekeeper, answers the door. Valerian and Thornhill step inside the foyer. Licht circles around to the back of the house. 

“Where is he?” says Valerian to Anna. 

“Upstairs, dressing,” replies Anna.

“Tell him I’m here,” says Valerian.

“The dinner guests are expected,” says Anna.

“Never mind that. Say to him, ‘Kaplan,'” says Valerian. 

“By the way,” says Thornhill, “What are we having for dessert?”

Anna heads upstairs. Valerian points to a door. “This way,” he says to Thornhill.

Valerian and Thornhill enter a tastefully appointed library. 

“You will wait here,” orders Valerian.

“Oh, don’t worry,” says Thornhill, “I’ll catch up on my reading.” He waves at a wall of bookshelves. Valerian closes the door as he leaves. Thornhill tries the door, but finds it locked. 

In This Episode:

  • Robert Ellenstein    as Licht
  • Cary Grant   as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Adam Williams     as Valerian
  • Nora Marlowe     as Anna (Housekeeper)
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