HOST: Robert E G Black of The Mandy Sucks Minute Podcast

“Of course,” says Vandamn, about to light a cigarette.

“So obviously, your friends picked up the wrong package when they bundled me out here in the car!” replies Thornhill. 

“Do sit down, Mister Kaplan,” says Vandamn, gesturing with his cigarette. 

“I told you: I’m not Kaplan, whomever he is!” says Thornhill, as the door opens. It’s “Mrs. Townsend.”

“Excuse me,” she says. 

“Yes?” replies Vandamn.

“The guests are here,” she says.

“Look after them,” says Vandamn. “I’ll be with you in a few minutes.” She closes the door as she leaves.

Vandamn turns back to Thornhill. “Now,” he says, “shall we get down to business?”

“I’m all for that,” says Roger. 

“Quite simply, I’d like to know how much you know about our arrangement,” says Vandamn. “And of course how you’ve come by this information. Naturally, I don’t expect to get this for nothing.”

Roger exhales. “Of course not!” he says, sarcastically.

“Don’t misunderstand me,” says Vandamn. “I don’t really expect you to fall in with the suggestion, but the least I can do is afford you the opportunity of surviving the evening.” 

Roger turns and looks at Vandamn, stunned. 

“What the devil is THAT supposed to mean?” he asks. 

“Why don’t you surprise me, Mister Kaplan, and say yes?” says Vandamn.

“I’ve already told you!” replies Thornhill.

“We know where you’re headed for,” says Leonard. 

“And I know where I’m headed,” replies Thornhill. “I’m headed for the Winter Garden Theater in New York, and I think I’d better get going.”

Roger marches to the library door, only to bump into Valerian, blocking his way.

Show Notes

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • James Mason   as Phillip Vandamn
  • Martin Landau     as Leonard
  • Adam Williams   as Valerian
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