HOST: Robert E G Black of The Mandy Sucks Minute Podcast

“It’ll be necessary for us to — insist,” says Leonard. 

Thornhill lunges for the door, but Licht and Valerian grab him. After a brief struggle, the two men force Thornhill back to a sofa. 

Leonard holds the pint glass next to Thornhill’s head, and begins to fill in with the liquor bottle. 

“Cheers!” says Leonard. 

The scene dissolves to the rocky, mountainous coastline of purportedly Long Island. Licht and Valerian wrestle a staggering, intoxicated Roger Thornhill out of their Cadillac and into the driver’s seat of a 1959 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Cabriolet.  

“Ahhh – – goodnight,” mumbles Roger. 

Waves crash against the coastline. No guardrails block the roadway from the ocean. 

Licht sits Thornhill up straight in the driver’s seat. 

Roger sings, “I’ve grown accustomed to my bourbon…” as Valerian gets into the passenger seat.

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant    as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Martin Landau     as Leonard
  • Robert Ellington     as Licht
  • Adam Williams    as Valerian
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