Minute 021: Sergeant Emile Klinger


HOSTS: Tyson Ferris and Jeremy Sternhagen of the Real JAWS Minute Podcast

A drunken Roger Thornhill is talking to his mother on the phone at the Glen Cove police station. 

“Come on, let’s go,” says Sgt. Klinger.

“No, I’m not finished yet,” replies Roger.

“Yes, you are,” says Klinger. “Come on.”

“Mother, I – I – I gotta go now,” says Roger into the phone. “Well, you go get my lawyer right away and come and bail me out.”

“Tomorrow morning, tell her,” says Klinger.

“Tomorrow morning, he says,” says Roger, into the phone. “Oh – I don’t know, I’ll ask him.” Roger turns to Klinger. “She wants to know — who says?”

“Sergeant Emile Klinger,” replies Klinger.

“Sergeant Emile – – Emile? – Sergeant Emile Klinger,” says Roger into the phone. “No, I didn’t believe it either. Eh, I’m alright, Mother. Good night! Good night, dear.”

Roger hands the phone back to Klinger. “That was Mother,” says Thornhill.

Klinger leads Thornhill out of the office. “Let’s go,” says Klinger.

They walk back into the courtroom. A doctor is filling out paperwork, while a police office draws a chalk line on the floor. 

“Here’s your man, Doctor,” says Klinger, dragging Thornhill to a chair. 

“What’s your — ” begins the Doctor. 

Show Notes

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • John Beradino    as Sgt. Emile Klinger
  • Phillip Coolidge     as Dr. Cross
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