HOSTS: Tyson Ferris and Jeremy Sternhagen of the Real JAWS Minute Podcast

Roger’s mother leads Roger out of the library. 

“Will you be wanting to get in touch with my husband, Captain?” asks Mrs Townsend. The group is assembled in the Townsend foyer. 

“No, Mrs Townsend, that won’t be necessary,” replies Captain Junket. 

“Do you mean you’re not going to do any more about this?” asks Roger, incredulous.

“Roger,” says Mrs. Thornhill, “Pay the two dollars.”

Roger grunts, and the visitors all leave out the front door. 

“Goodbye!” whispers  Mrs. Townsend, waving as the Ford Fairlane pulls away from the entrance. 

As the car passes a row of hedges, the “gardener” looks up. It’s Valerian. 

Back in Manhattan Taxi 0-79730 pulls up to the front of the Plaza Hotel on 60th Street. Roger helps his mother out of the car. 

“I don’t see why you want me along,” says Roger’s mother.

“Well, you lend a certain – ” begins Roger. 

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Jessie Royce Landis     as Clara Thornhill
  • Edward Platt     as Attorney
  • Josephine Hutchinson       as Mrs Townsend
  • Edward Binns    as Captain Junket
  • Stanley Adams     as Lieutenant Harding
  • Adam Williams     as Valerian
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