Minute 031: The Gentleman in Room 796


HOSTS: Jonathan Howell and Chris Ramirez of the Minute Impossible Podcast

Roger is questioning Elsie, the Plaza housekeeper. 

“And that’s the first time you’ve laid eyes on me?” asks Roger. 

“Can I help it if you’re never around, Mister Kaplan?” replies Elsie. 

“Well, then how do you know I’m Mister Kaplan?” asks Roger. 

“What?” asks Elsie.

“How do you know I’m Mister Kaplan?” repeats Roger. 

“Well, of course you are!” says Elsie. “This is Room 796, isn’t it?”

“Mm-hmm,” says Roger. 

“So, you’re the gentleman in Room 796, aren’t you?” explains Elsie. 

“Mmm,” says Roger. “Alright, Elsie. Thanks.”

“Will that be all, sir?” asks Elsie.

“Uh, for the time being, yes,” replies Roger. The doorbell buzzes. Roger looks at Elsie, and then opens the door. 

“Valet,” says a man in a Plaza uniform. 

“Oh yes, come in,” says Roger. Elsie leaves as the valet steps inside the room.

“Should I hang it in the closet, Mister Kaplan?” asks the valet. 

“Yes, please,” replies Roger.  The valet walks toward a closet. 

“Tell me,” says Roger, “uh, I’ve forgotten – – what time did I give you that suit?”

“Last night, around, uh, around six,” replies the valet.

“Oh,” says Roger, “did I give it to you personally?”

“Personally?” says the valet, “No, Mr. Kaplan – – you called down on the, on the phone, and described the suit to me and said it would be hanging in your closet. Like you always do! Anything wrong?” 

“No, no – – just curious,” replies Roger.

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Jessie Royce Landis     as Clara Thornhill
  • Maudie Prickett     as Elsie
  • James McCallion       as Valet
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