Minute 039: Tentatively Identified


HOSTS: Jonathan Howell and Chris Ramirez of the Minute Impossible Podcast

Thornhill catches Townsend as he slumps forward into Roger’s arms. A photographer with a flash camera takes Roger’s picture. 

“Look!” shouts a bystander.

“He’s got a knife! Look out!” says another woman nearby. 

“Listen to me!” says Roger. “I had nothing to do with this!”

“Call the police!” says another bystander.

Roger sees the crowd of people moving closer to him. “Don’t come any nearer! Get back!” he shouts, then drops the knife and runs out of the visitor lounge. 

High above the United Nations, the camera follows Roger running to a cab outside the building.

Later, at the United States Intelligence Agency, a man is reading the Washington Evening Star newspaper aloud. 

“The photograph has been identified as that of Roger Thornhill, a Manhattan advertising executive,indicating that the name George Kaplan, which he gave to an attendanti n the General Assembly Building-was false,” says the man. 

“A possible motive for the slaying was suggested by the discovery that earlier today, Thornhill appeared in a Glen Cove police court, charged with drunk driving with a stolen car…” continues the man.

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Phillip Ober     as Lester Townsend
  • Leo G. Carroll     as The Professor
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