THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: David Forsythe and Todd Lucas from The Edge of Tomorrow Minute

Roger (disguised as a Red Cap)  and Eve are making their way into the La Salle Street train station.

“First we have to run the gauntlet,” says Eve. “Look.”

A Chicago police officer, a Cook County Sheriff, and two detectives watch Eve as she passes by them on the platform. 

“I’m accustomed to having a load on,but what have you got in these bags?” asks Roger. 

“Bowling balls, naturally,” replies Eve.

“Oh, naturally,” repeats Roger. 

“Which one of these has my suit in it?” asks Roger. 

“The small one underneath your right arm,” replies Eve.

“Oh, thanks. That ought to do the suit a lot of good,” says Roger. 

“I’m sure Mr. Kaplan won’t mind a few wrinkles,” says Eve.

“Yeah, if he’s still there,” says Roger. “What time is it?”

“Nine-ten,” replies Eve.

“Nine-ten?” says Roger, “Well, he may have left his hotel room by now!”

“I’ll call him for you as soon as we get inside the station,” says Eve. 

“Thank you, but I can do it,” says Roger. 

“A redcap in a phone booth?” replies Eve. “Slightly suspicious.”

“I know,” Roger admits. “Well, all right. What are you going to tell him? Do you know what?”

“Mm-hmm,” says Eve. “You want to see him right away, terribly urgent. Matter of life-and-death. No explanations.”

“Right,” agrees Roger.

“And while I’m calling, you go change your clothes,” says Eve.

“Now, where do you propose I do that?” asks Roger. “In Marshall Field’s window?”

“I sort of had the men’s room in mind.” replies Eve. 

“Did you, now?” says Roger. 

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Eva Marie Saint     as Eve Kendall
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