Minute 063: Smartest Girl I Ever Spent the Night With


THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: David Forsythe and Todd Lucas from The Edge of Tomorrow Minute

“You know, you’re the smartest girl I ever spent the night with on a train,” says Roger. 

Eve smiles, then drops her smile as Van Damm and Leonard pass nearby. 

“I think we made it,” says Roger as they reach the end of the station platform. 

Meanwhile, the detective, the deputy, and the two detectives find a man in long underwear getting off the train. It’s the Red Cap whose uniform Roger is wearing. 

“Where did he go?” asks the detective. 

“Which way did he go?” asks the deputy.

“Where did he go?” asks the policeman.

“I don’t know,” says the Red Cap. “He took my clothes and went up that way!” He points toward the station. The men run off. 

The Red Cap reaches into his undershirt and pulls out a wad of bills. He begins counting the money.

Inside the station, the law enforcement officers are spinning dozens of Red Caps around to see if any of them are Roger. The Red Caps are surprised and annoyed. 

In the men’s room, Roger has his suit pants and undershirt on, and has completely lathered his face. He’s attempting to shave with the tiny travel razor he picked up in Eve’s roomette. Two detectives from the train rush in, look around, and then rush out of the room.

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Eva Marie Saint     as Eve Kendall
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