Minute 083: No Conversation, Just Leave


THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Travis Bow and Eric Nash from The Watchmen Minute

“And that’s all there was,” says Eve, talking to Roger in her hotel room. “And that’s all there is. There isn’t going to be anything more between us. So please: goodbye, good luck, no conversation – – just leave. “

“Right away?” asks Roger.

“Yes,” says Eve. 

” No questions asked?” continues Roger.

“Yes,” says Eve. 

“No, I can’t do that,” replies Roger. 

“Please,” says Eve. 

“After dinner,” says Roger.

“Now,” says Eve.

“After dinner,” repeats Roger. “Fair is fair.”

“Alright,” says Eve. “on one condition: that you let the hotel valet do something with this suit first. You belong in the stockyards looking like that.”

“Okay,” says Roger.

“There’s the phone,” says Eve.

Roger picks up the phone. “Hello? Valet service, please.  – – Valet? Yes we’re in  – where are we?”

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Eva Marie Saint     as Eve Kendall
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