THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Travis Bow and Eric Nash from The Watchmen Minute

Roger is talking to the hotel valet on the phone.

“Where are we?” Roger asks Eve.

“Four Sixty Three,” replies Eve.

“Room Four Six Three,” repeats Roger. “How quickly can you get a suit sponged and pressed? Yes, fast. Twenty minutes? Fine. Okay, Four Six Three.” He hangs up the phone. 

“He’ll be right up,” Roger tells Eve, and begins emptying his suit pockets.  

“Better take your things off,” says Eve. 

“Yeah,” says Roger, walking to the other side of the bed. He stands behind Eve, who’s putting on lipstick in the mirror. “Now, what can a man do with his clothes off for twenty minutes? Couldn’t he have taken an hour?” He turns Eve to face him.

“You can always take a cold shower,” says Eve.

“That’s right,” says Roger, as Eve removes his suit jacket. “You know, when I was a little boy, I wouldn’t even let my mother undress me.”

“You’re a big boy now,” says Eve, tossing his jacket on the bed. 

“Yes,” agrees Roger. She reaches for his belt, but he holds onto her hands. 

“Tell me,” says Roger. “How does a girl like you get to be a girl like you?”

“Lucky, I guess?” replies Eve, smiling.

“Oh, not lucky,” says Roger. “Naughty. Wicked. Up to no good. Ever kill anyone? Because I bet you could tease a man to death without half trying.”  He touches her face. She’s no longer smiling. “So stop trying,” says Roger. 





In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Eva Marie Saint     as Eve Kendall
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