THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Travis Bow and Eric Nash from The Watchmen Minute

After Roger chastises Eve for being able to “tease a man to death,” he heads for the shower. 

Someone buzzes the hotel room door. 

“Be with you in a minute!” calls Eve. She picks up Roger’s suit jacket from the bed and knocks on the bathroom door.

”Trousers, please,” says Eve. Roger opens the door and hands over his pants. She opens the hotel door and hands the suit to a valet. 

“I think I’ll take that cold shower after all,” says Roger through the bathroom door. 

“Good!” says Eve, in a falsely happy tone. While Roger whistles in the shower, Eve grabs her coat and purse, and heads toward the door. She looks at the pile of Roger’s personal effects from his pocket, and notices the photo he had of Van Damm that he picked up at the Plaza Hotel room of Kaplan. 

Roger is watching this from the bathroom, pretending to take a shower but still wearing all his remaining clothes. 

Eve puts the photo down and reaches for the hotel room door. 

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant As Roger O. Thornhill
  • Eva Marie Saint As Eve Kendall
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