Minute 087: A Picture Only Charles Addams Could Draw


THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Travis Bow and Eric Nash from The Watchmen Minute

Inside the auction house, van Damm is rubbing the neck and shoulders of Eve, while an auction is taking place. Leonard, leaning against a table, is facing van Damm. 

“Say the three hundred?” asks the auctioneer. “I have three hundred. Four hundred by the little lady. Thank you, sir. Four fifty is bid for the pair. Can I hear five hundred? Will you say five hundred? Can I say the five hundred? Fair warning and last call. Sold to Mister Stone, second row. Four hundred and fifty dollars.”

Roger surveys the scene. He sees that van Damm has his hands on Eve’s shoulders. 

“And now lot number one oh three,” says the auctioneer. “Ah, this lovely Aubusson settee. In excellent condition. Please start the bidding. How much? ” 

Roger walks over to where Even and van Damm are seated, while the auction continues. 

“Eight hundred is offered, thank you. Eight hundred is bid. Say the nine? Go nine hundred? Nine hundred is bid. Now, who’ll say one thousand?  One thanousand, thank you. One thousand at one thousand. Say eleven hundred?”

Leonard notices Roger first, then van Damm. Van Damm squeezes Eve’s shoulder.

“The three of you together,” says Roger. Eve looks up, shocked. 

“Now, that’s a picture only Charles Addams could draw,” says Roger. 

“Good evening, Mister Kaplan,” says Van Damm. 

“Before we start calling each other names, you better tell me yours,” says Roger. “I haven’t had the pleasure.”


In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Eva Marie Saint     as Eve Kendall
  • James Mason     as Phillip van Damm
  • Martin Landau     as Leonard
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