THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Sean German and Dave Pallas from Groundhog Minute

“Sold for twelve hundred dollars,” says the Auctioneer. “Thank you!”

Valerian reaches in his jacket pocket. Thornill backs up to look for another exit. He heads for the stage.

“And now, Catalog number one oh nine,” continues the auctioneer. 

Roger looks up at the stage, to see that Leonard is blocking his way. 

“This superb example of this early 17th Century master…” continues the auctioneer. “It will enhance any collection of fine art.”

Roger finds an empty chair and sits down. 

“What is your pleasure? How much to start?” asks the auctioneer. 

“One thousand dollars,” calls a woman. 

“One thousand is bid,” replies the auctioneer. “Twelve fifty I have. Now, fifteen hundred.”

Valerian moves into the bidding area and sees Thornhill. 

Roger looks around, trying to think of something to do. 

“Fifteen hundred is bid,” says the auctioneer. “Thank you. Seventeen fifty?”

Vandamm hustles Eve out of the auction area. 

“I have seventeen fifty,” says the auctioneer.

“Two thousand dollars,” calls another man. 

“Two thousand is bid. I have two thousand,” says the auctioneer. “Do I hear twenty five? Twenty five hundred, anyone?”

Roger watches Eve leave.

“Twenty-two fifty once, ” says the auctioneer. Leonard glares and smiles at Roger. 

 “Twenty-two fifty twice,” says the auctioneer. “Last call.”

Roger gets an idea.

“Fifteen hundred!” says Roger. 

Everyone turns to look at him. 

“Well, the bid is already up to twenty-two fifty, sir,” replies the auctioneer. 

“I still say fifteen hundred,” says Roger. Sean

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Eva Marie Saint     as Eve Kendall
  • James Mason     as Phillip Vandamm
  • Martin Landau     as Leonard
  • Adam Williams    as Valerian
  • Les Tremayne     as Auctioneer
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