Minute 093: Would the Gentleman Please Cooperate


THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Sean German and Dave Pallas from Groundhog Minute

“Who will say twelve?” asks the auctioneer. “Eleven once – – who will say twelve? Eleven twice.”

A man in the back raises his hand. “Twelve, thank you,” says the auctioneer.  “Twelve is bid. I have twelve. Go thirteen? Who will say thirteen?”

“Thirteen dollars!” says Roger. The crowd laughs. 

“You mean thirteen hundred, sir!” replies the auctioneer. 

“No, I mean thirteen dollars,” says Roger. “That’s more than it’s worth.”

The auctioneer shakes his head. “I – I have twelve hundred.” The auctioneer’s assistant walks to the back of the room and speaks to a woman sitting in front of a telephone. 

“Go thirteen – who will say thirteen?” continues the auctioneer. “Who will say twelve fifty?” The woman begins dialing the phone.

“Twelve hundred once,” says the auctioneer. “Twelve hundred twice… Last call, twelve hundred…”

“Two thousand!” shouts Roger.

“Two thousand?” asks the auctioneer.

“Twenty-one hundred!” shouts Roger. 

“I’m sorry sir, but we can’t –” begins the auctioneer.

“Make it twenty five hundred!” continues Roger. 

“Ask him to leave!” says a man in the crowd. Leonard looks around, nervously. 

“Would the gentleman please cooperate?” asks the auctioneer. 

“Last bid was twelve hundred,” says the auctioneer’s assistant. 

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Les Tremayne    as Auctioneer
  • Martin Landau     as Leonard
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