THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Jeff Ferry and Chris Derkotch from The Jay and Silent Bob Minute

“Wandering about in good health, it could prove fatal to Miss Kendall,” says The Professor.

“I’ve begun to forget her already,” says Roger.

“Good,” says The Professor.”Better that way,”

“Yeah, much,” replies Thornhill.

“Inside of an hour, she’ll be gone,” says The Professor. 

“Oh. Well, hows’s everything out in Rapid City?” asks Thornhill.

“Oh, everything’s fine,” replies The Professor. “Mister Kaplan’s untimely shooting has now acquired the authority of the printed word. Everyone has been cooperating beautifully.”

“Well, now you can include me,” says Roger, finishing getting dressed. “I’m a cooperator.”

“I’m most grateful,” says The Professor.

“Care to do me a favor in return?” asks Roger. 

“Anything!” says The Professor.

“I’d like a drink,” says Roger. “Can you get me some bourbon? A pint will do.”

“Can I join you?” asks The Professor.

“Well, if you’re going to join me, you’d better make it a quart!” says Roger.

 “See you in a few minutes,” says The Professor, opening the door. He leaves. 

As soon as The Professor leaves, Roger quickly puts on his shoes. He picks up his wallet and personal effects off the nightstand. and shoves them into his pockets. 



In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Leo G. Carroll     as The Professor
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