Minute 023: Would I Make Up Such a Story?


HOSTS: Tyson Ferris and Jeremy Sternhagen of the Real JAWS Minute Podcast

Roger and his attorney are in a preliminary hearing about Roger’s drunk driving charges. 

“And you believe there is some credence to this story?” the judge asks Roger’s attorney.

“Credence?” asks Roger, outraged.

“Well, I – ” begins Roger’s attorney, “Your Honor, I mean if my client says this is what happened, I’m – – I’m certain this is what happened.”

“You’re damn right,” adds Roger.

 “Sergeant,” says the judge to Klinger, “I want this turned over to the county detectives for investigation. I suggest you call them up and have them come over here, immediately.”

“Right, Your Honor,” replies Klinger. 

“Counselor,” says the judge, “I’m going to set this over for final disposition tomorrow night at seven-thirty, at which time I expect you and the defendant to be here and ready to go to trial. In the meantime, the county detectives will determine if his story has any basis in fact.”

“Basis in fact?” exclaims Roger, “I suppose if I were brought in here dead, you still wouldn’t believe-“

“Now, Roger, wait a minute!” warns the attorney.

“Well, I mean, after all, Your Honor,” replies Roger, “Would I make up such a story?”

“That is precisely what we’re intending to find out, Mister Thornhill,” replies the judge.

Later that day, the detectives, Roger, his attorney, and Roger’s mother arrive at the Townsend mansion in a 1958 Ford Fairlane 500.  They walk up to the front door.

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant    as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Edward Platt     as Attorney Victor Larrabee
  • Jessie Royce Landis     as Clara Thornhill
  • Alexander Lockwood     as Judge Anson Flynn
  • John Beradino    as Emile Klinger
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