Minute 025: We Were So Worried About You


HOSTS: Tyson Ferris and Jeremy Sternhagen of the Real JAWS Minute Podcast

“Bourbon,” says Roger’s mom, as she finishes his sentence. “I remember when it used to come in bottles.” Roger steps away from the cabinet in disbelief. 

The door to the room opens. “Roger!” says Mrs. Townsend. “Dear! We were so worried about you!” She puts her hands on Roger’s upper arms and hugs him. “Did you get home alright? Of course you did! Let me look at you. Oh, a little pink-eyed, but aren’t we all? It was a dull party –  – you didn’t miss a thing!” 

“I want you all to know: I never saw this woman before last night!” Roger marches to the far corner of the room while Mrs. Townsend laughs. 

“Mrs. Townsend, I’m Captain Junket of the Nassau County detectives. This is Lieutenant Harding,” says Junket. 

“How do you do?” says Mrs. Townsend, looking at Roger. “You haven’t gotten into trouble, Roger?” 

“Hah!” laughs Roger’s mother, “Has he gotten into trouble!”

“Now stop calling me Roger!” says Thornhill to Mrs. Townsend. 

“Mrs. Townsend,” says Captain Junket, “Mister Thornhill was picked up last night, driving while under the influence of alcohol, and incidentally in a stolen car.”

“Stolen car?” says Mrs Townsend, in a shocked voice.   

“According to Mrs. Babson of Twining Road,” replies Captain Junket. 

Mrs. Townsend turns on Roger. “Roger, you said you were going to call a cab! You didn’t borrow Laura’s Mercedes!” 

“No, I didn’t borrow Laura’s Mercedes!” shouts Roger. 

“Mister Thornhill has told us that he was brought to this house against his will -” begins Captain Junket.

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Jessie Royce Landis     as Clara Thornhill
  • Edward Platt     as Attorney
  • Josephine Hutchinson       as Mrs Townsend
  • Edward Binns     as Captain Junket
  • Nora Marlowe     as Housekeeper Anna
  • Stanley Adams     as Lieutenant Harding
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