Minute 043: No Place to Hide on a Plane



Roger is talking to his mother, on a phone in Grand Central Terminal. 

“Well, I can’t go to the police!” says Roger. “At least, not yet. Well, you saw the newspapers. My fingerprints are on the knife. I’m a car thief, a drunk driver, and I murdered a man for revenge. I wouldn’t have a chance. And I won’t have, until I find George Kaplan – – who obviously knows what this is about. No dear, the train. It’s safer. Well, because there’s no place to hide on a plane if anyone should recognize me! Oh, you want me to jump off a moving plane? Yes, well, thank you so much, Mother. Yeah, well, goodbye.”

Roger steps out of the phone booth, bumping into another man who’s trying to get into the phone booth next. Roger realizes he could be recognized, and quickly steps out of the way.

As he crosses past the Information booth, he spies the headline of a newspaper a man is reading: “MANHUNT ON FOR U.N. KILLER.” 

A railroad announcer intones over the PA system: “Attention please: New York Central Railroad, Train Number Twenty Five, the 20th Century Limited, due to leave at six P.M…”

Roger slips on a pair of dark sunglasses while two police officers scan the crowd near the Information booth. A sign on the Information booth announces a discontinuation of train service between New York and New Rochelle, effective Monday, August 18, 1958. Roger walks toward the New York Central ticket booths. 

Show Notes

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
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