THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Sean German and Dave Pallas from Groundhog Minute

“Handle with care, fellows!” says Thornhill. “I’m very valuable property.”
A police officer gets in the back seat with Thornhill, while the other takes the driver’s seat. 
“Well, I want to thank you gentlemen for saving my life,” says Thornhill. “Thank you my friend, thank you,” Roger says to the driver.
“Save it,” says the other police officer. 
Roger looks around. “Well, let’s have some smiles, and good cheer,” says Roger. “You’re about to become heroes. Don’t you know who I am?”
“We’ll find out, as soon as we book you for being drunk and disorderly,” replies the police officer in the back seat. 
“Drunk and disorderly?” replies Thornhill. “That’s chicken feed. You’ve hit the jackpot. CHICAGO POLICE CAPTURE UNITED NATIONS KILLER. My name is Roger Thornhill.”  Roger pulls out his wallet with his ID. 
The driver looks at a newspaper on the front seat and looks at Thornhill. “It’s him,” says the officer. 
“That’s right,” says Thornhill. Congratulations, men!” 
“Yeah!” says the officer in the back seat, then looks at his notebook. 
“This is one oh five five,” says the driver, into a police radio.  “Sergeant Flamm. We have a man here who answers to the description of Thornhill, Roger, Code Seventy Six.  Wanted by NYPD.”

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Patrick McVey     as Chicago Policeman
  • Ken Lynch     as Chicago Policeman
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