THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Tierney Steele Callahan and Megan Coleman from The M*A*S*H Minute

“How come?” asks Roger.

“Men like you,” says Eve.

“What’s wrong with men like me?” asks Roger.

“They don’t believe in marriage,” says Eve. 

“I’ve been married twice!” responds Roger.

“See what I mean?’ says Eve. 

“I may go back to hating you,” says Roger, kissing Eve. “It was more fun.”

Eve kisses Roger. “Goodbye, Darling,” she says.

“Now, wait a minute,” says Roger. “Not so soon.”

“No, I’ve got to get back to the house and convince them that I took the long way around so nobody followed me,” says Eve.

Roger hugs her. “Couldn’t we stand like this for just a few  hours?” he asks. 

“There just isn’t time,” says Eve. “You’re supposed to be critically wounded.”

“I’ve never felt more alive,” says Roger.

“Well, whose side are you one?”says Eve.

“Yours always, Darling,” says Roger. 

“Please don’t undermine my resolve,” says Eve, “just when I need it most. “

The Professor beeps the horn on the station wagon. Eve and Roger look at him.

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Eva Marie Saint     as Eve Kendall
  • Leo G. Carroll     as The Professor
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