THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Sean German and Brian German and Travis Bow from Groundhog Minute

“FBI, CIA, ONI – We’re all in the same alphabet soup,” replies the Professor. 

“Really?” says Roger. “Well, you can stick this in your alphabet soup: I had nothing to do with that United Nations killing! “

“We know that,” says The Professor. 

“You know it?” asks Roger “Then why did you let the police chase me all over the map?”

“We never interfere with the police,” says The Professor, “unless absolutely necessary. It’s become necessary!” 

“Oh, I see,” says Roger. “Now, I take it I’m going to be cleared?” 

“I do wish you’d walk faster, Mister Thornhill,” says The Professor. “We’ll miss the plane.” 

“Where are we going?” asks Thornhill. “New York, or Washington?”

“Rapid City, South Dakota,” says The Professor. 

“Rapid City?” says Roger. “What for?”

“It’s near Mount Rushmore,” explains The Professor. 

“Well, thank you, I’ve seen Mount Rushmore,” says Roger. 

“So’s your friend, Mister Vandamm,” replies The Professor. 

Roger stops walking. 

“Vandamm?” says Thornhill. 

“Rather a formidable kind of gentleman, eh?” asks The Professor.

“Yeah,” says Roger. “What about that treacherous little tramp with him, huh?”

“Miss Kendall?” asks The Professor.

“Yeah,” says Roger. 

“His mistress,” says The Professor. “We know all about her.” 

“Tell me,” says Roger. “What’s Vandamm up to?”

“Oh, you could say he’s a sort of importer / exporter,” replies The Professor. 

“Of what?” asks Roger. 

“Oh -” begins The Professor. 

In This Episode:

  • Cary Grant     as Roger O. Thornhill
  • Leo G. Carroll     as The Professor
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